Battle for Azeroth Survival Guide

Blizzard posted the BfA Survival Guide video, with links on various other important things like the driver updates, and patch notes:

Hreoic Varimathras freed from torture!

Heroic Varimathras kill shot

Um, that is what we did, isn't it?

Heroic Dork's Bane Ruined!

Heroic Kin'garoth kill shot

Spout, spouts, and more spouts.

Heroic Imonar's Soul Hunted!

Heroic Imonar Kill Shot

Imps, Mr. Rico, I'm a burnin them down!

Heroic Portal Keeper Hasabel kill shot

Heroic Portal Keeper Hasabel.  Finally.  )

Heroic Kil'jaeden

Heroic Kil'jaeden kill shot

Nice to finish these guys while they are still current.  )

Heroic Gul'dan

Heroic Gul'dan kill shot