For those of us who hide under rocks, and only check the Trivial site for news, we'll put together a collection of links here about the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft: Legion. If you have a link to an article that you'd like to put up here, drop us a note in the comments, via PM, or email to website-support@trivial-guild.com.

Heroic Archimonde!

Man down! Man down! Oh, not us, him...

One to go...

Heroic Tyrant Heroically Deposed!

Two more to go.  )

Heroic Xhul Fired!

And voided!  And fired again!  And voided...

Die, Fel Lord, Die!

Heroic Zakuun down for the count!

Heroic Socrethar the Not so Eternal

What is this, the fourth time we've killed him?  Fifth?