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Trivial Bank - Trivbank

Trivial Guild Bank Guidelines

1. Items can be purchased from the guild bank at half the going rate in gold. DKP cannot be used on guild bank items.

2. Items that have been in the guild bank for a while and have not been purchased will be sold on the Auction House to help fund Trivial raiding.

3. Items must be USED, not resold. Reselling guild vault items is grounds for guild dismissal.

Loot, DKP Awardance and Usage Procedures

Loot Policies

With the release of Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard has drastically changed the way loot is awarded in raid.  All loot is now “Personal Loot”—it just shows up in your bag, it isn’t on the boss.  Blizzard only allows you to trade it under these conditions:

Raid Signups

Signing up for Raids with the In-Game Calendar
Trivial is currently using the in-game Calendar for raid signups.

Trivial: Code of Conduct


  • Treat other players (includes both Trivial and non-Trival members) with respect. Members should not intentionally try to antagonize or otherwise hinder another player's playing experience (ie. 'griefing'). Obviously, interactions with the Horde could be exceptions to this rule.