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Trivial: History, Present, and Future


Trivial started out as the remnants of a guild called "Elyseum". Elyseum was formed from a merger of three guilds: Twilight Legacy, Imperium Multi, and Archons. Not too long after the merger, the guild was unexpectedly disbanded by its GM.

Raiding Rules and Officer Expectations

Raiding Rules:
The following rules below are designed to provide clarity and understanding about what is expected from each and every Initiate, Member, and Officer of Trivial. The rules apply both during raids and outside of them. These rules are subject to change as the High Council sees fit.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:30pm -10:30pm PST. Friday from 7:00pm - 10:00pm PST. Sign-ups through the in-game calendar.

No Longer Ascendant

First kill of Ascendant Council, Bastion of Twilight, June 7, 2011.