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Dateline 11/06/2005!

Pyro has successfully transferred almost all of the old website contents over to the new system (including the first message from November 6th 2005)!  I think that requires an archaeology skill of over 9000.

However, not everything is working yet:

1.  It should have your account name/password from the old site.  If the password doesn't work, try the "forgot password" link.  If you created a new account on the new website, you'll have to recreate it.  Contact an admin for help if needed.

2.  The messages on the Drupal site since the great conversion have to be copied by hand, that hasn't been done yet.

3.  Pictures in threads do not link correctly. 

And probably more I'm forgetting.  However, let me be the first to say, "Thanks Pyro!"

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I would just like to add there are several things I'm still working on so I will be creating a to-do list of my own and adding a page for it which definitely includes squashing any bugs that arise on the site, so please be patient with me and the site and I will keep you fully updated on everything that goes on.

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