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RIP Dennis Ritchie

I believe this deserves a front page post for a while.


Rest in Peace Dennis Ritchie.

For those who don't know who Dennis is, he's one of the Co-Founders of Unix which Every Linux Distro and Mac OS-X owes a LOT to, as without Unix the face of the computing world would be VERY different or possibly non-existant.  Dennis was also one of the Pioneers in the programming language C which he was also the Co-Author to "The Definitive Bible to C Programming"


My hat off to Dennis and the other innovators that make our world the way it is today, without Unix/C and it's subsequent technologies it had spawned off Our MMOs/Games/This Website may not exist at all.

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RIP, Dr. Ritchie. You laid the groundwork and foundation for what so much of the world today knows and relies upon, often without even realizing it. A true titan.

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 I agree, Pyro.  He shaped the coding habits of MANY of us.  I pulled my K&R off the shelf in honor the other day.

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