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For those of us who hide under rocks, and only check the Trivial site for news, we'll put together a collection of links here about the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft: Legion. If you have a link to an article that you'd like to put up here, drop us a note in the comments, via PM, or email to

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I'm going to assume that Pyro will be dropping links in the shoutbox again... When he does, we'll move them here for everyone to find more easily. :)

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Yup you know me all too well :)

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I do. I had to customize the shoutbox css so it wouldn't break when you posted links there. :)

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Since Blizzcon, I've been trying to read/watch the information about the new character class: DemonHunter.  So far I haven't found an answer to my major question:  what is the expected starting level of a DemonHunter?

In part, that question is based on the fact that, once again, Blizz will be giving us an automatic level upgrade (if we want to use it).  That seems to be Blizz' method of integrating a new character class into the existing raiding players culture.  BUT it bypasses the time used in Vanilla (and other early expansions) to actually learn each power and integrate its use into your character's overall style.  (Leveling from 1 is obviously enough time.  Leveling from, say, 90 to 100 doesn't represent anywhere like that investment in learning.)  The Blizz team members are clearly (as they are with each new race/class introduction) stoked about their awesome demonhunters.  Just as clearly, they want lots of players to try them and bring them into raids, etc..  So....  is the EXPECTATION by the developers that the Players will, in general, choose to auto-boost their DemonHunters?


If there isn't an interview out there somewhere that I have missed (and THAT is entirely likely <smile>), then this is a question particularly for the monks and death knights amongst us.  I know death knights came with an auto boost built in.  Monks got to choose.  (My monk, for instance, is still down at level 50 or so.)  Perhaps the more general question is, for those who chose auto-boost, did you find mastering your new powers more difficult  than those of characters you leveled up from 1.  Or does Blizz make the learning process somehow more condensed and effective for boosted characters?  (I really doubt the latter save, perhaps for DKs, where Blizz didn't allow leveling from 1.  But I think it's worth asking.)


Thanks for your insights.


Oh, and I did read the "it's hard to imagine a level 1 Demon Hunter running around Elwynn Forest" comment, so I guess another question for the Blizzcon folks is: is the current expectation that the Demon Hunters start like the DKs did, at an already boosted level?  Or do they start at 1 and you're expected to use your auto-boost on them?  I feel sure the Blizz team has expectations one way or another.

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Hey gal, short answer is that they are the next hero class like the death knight... So I believe they'll stay at 95, by end of starting zone they'll be 100 and then go through normal zones with everyone else to reach 110.

Apparently, is buried in tweets not blogs or interviews...

Also, after playing it at blizzcon, the spell/ability integration seems rather intuitive and easy to figure out as you go through the starting area

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The Starting area was quite well done in that you got a real good idea how the basic stuff worked real quick. You probably won't know the intricate stuff but you'll be able to play decently. 

And yeah they seem to be going with setting up demon hunters to be ready to go real quick in the expansion. Level 100 without too much trouble. This of course frees up your 100 boost for another character just in case. Although for that I'm not certain what they're up to in regards to teaching players how to play them. I recall them mentioning it vaguely at gamescom I think, but I'm not certain. 

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those new "honor talents" and "prestige levels" are just for PVP, right?

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Correct. They are only active in PvP specific activities, so they will not be available for World PvP objectives.

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Looks like we'll be returning to a fan favorite locale in Legion's first content patch:

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This handy "to-do"/survival guide is currently the top post over on the /r/wow sub-reddit. Beware of light spoilers, but it may prove to be a helpful breakdown of what you may wish to focus on, and when. Enjoy!