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What I would give for this mod!

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Below is a cut and paste of a post I sent to a mod writing friend. Do any of YOU know of a mod that does this?

Hey Zalra,

Got a great idea for ya to work on.

I was raid healing with Sal as Disc (yeah, why me on raid heals? Other two were pallies) using Healbot and found "Jeez this is almost too easy". I mean just spam shield and renew and viola! When the thought hit me, why is there not a similar mod for DPS/Tanks?

I thought about the arena mods that list the targets, but those require you first click on them ... but that might be an outdated technology. I mean when a new mob spawns (eg deathwhisper) your agro alert will let you know that you have pulled threat ... so the info that the mob is there exists. Now it is just a matter of gettting a name and some basic info (like current health, buffs, current target, maybe some threat info, etc).

Imagine a nice neat set of boxes that would allow you to target a particular mob w/o have to tab target or click the damned beastie through 8 other beasties or your raid members etc.

Is it possible? Does it already exist?

This could be a raid saver in those nasty situations that a tank needs to grab a new mob but can NOT FOR THE LIFE OF HIM/HER TARGET IT! LoL. Nope. That NEVER happened to me!!! Not once. Never.

Anyways, think about it.

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If you remember the epic raid encounter I designed(featuring "Razzle Dazzle") it was due to exactly the fact that the hardest thing in the game is clicking on something to target it :)

I doubt any mod can do this, or it would have by now.

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Specifically, Blizzard has put in place things to prevent what you are asking for. Once combat starts, your interface is locked down so that you can't use "smart" boxes. You could build a list of names of who had what curse, for example, and make a nice ordered list of who was most important, but you can't click on anything in the list to target it. Remember how the old Decursive used to work? Blizzard went to great lengths to prevent something like that from ever working again.

Healbot works because it can set up the box for a player in the raid out of combat, and that piece of screen real estate always works for that person. In the Twins encounter, I use a mod that shows me the shield on each twin when it is running, and how much is left to go to beat it down, and I can target on that twin by clicking on that box...but those boxes are set up OOC.

Since the Deathwhisper adds spawn during combat, there is no way to set up a box for them to be able to target them.

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DRAT! My hopes smashed to smithereens :)

Yeah, I kinda figured that it wasn't possible or it would have been done. But there are nights/instance runs (lag?) where I have REAL targeting issues.

LoL. One of my favorites is getting spammed by "You must be in front of your target" for 8 seconds as you move around trying to figure out where the heck your taret IS!! That cost me yesterday as MG in HoR. Annoying. But not half as bad as just not being able to target (eg) anub's adds as they merrily chew their way through my healers. Now THAT is frustrating.

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