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disable GS and carbonite

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Just a thought. I've been having disconnects lately unlike any I've seen before and it seems the raid has experienced them as well. There are quite a few people saying that the cause may be addon-spamming. The game has apparently changed how and/or when it sends the addon messages to the servers in the last few patches. Most folks seem to think that GearScore and Carbonite are the greatest detractors. As a suggestion, maybe on raid nights we could have folks disable those addons and see if it helps. There is an addon that will automatically ignore the addon spam if you toggle it, i've been playing with it but have been unsuccessful in getting it configured in an acceptable manner. So anyway what do you think? It's pretty easy to disable them, and if we all do and it gets us one boss kill it seems worth it to me. Also, if you know of a way to limit the spam, post it here. Fewer DCs means more purples. I've begun disabling GS myself--and though i like the mod--it really doesn't add anything in a raid environment.

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I unloaded Carbonite a long time ago and haven't run gearscore. I do run the addon to track addon traffic, and can see that GS is the biggest source of it. Worth a try.

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Using an addon like [url=]Ampere[/url]would also help disabling addons from within the game with a simple /reloadui rather than logging of and then back on.

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Another good in-game addon manager is [url=]Addon Control Panel (ACP)[/url]

quite honestly I try for addons that dont use too much traffic and have low CPU usage and footprints. I've never like Gearscore, however, since it does get widely used, I use GS Lite, because all I want to know is my number if I need to.

Raid frames can also be a serious cause of D/C's as well. I know X-perl at one time had a problem with this, probably a few others have as well. These addons can run high levels of messaging as well and this is especially true depending on how well the code is written.

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