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Question about Macro

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I was wondering what the effect of "()" was in the following macro: /cast [harm] Penance(); [help] Penance

Wouldnt the following give the same result?: /cast [harm] Penance; [help] Penance "OR" /cast [harm] [ ] Penance

I only saw () used in long strings with conditionals, but never in a simple macro like that one and i cant find any information on the distinction.

Thanks :)

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I don't think the () do anything, since penance isn't a function or other macro. 

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I think there might be a small difference between the two cases you give.  The first one ( /cast [harm]Penance; [help]Penance) will only fire off if you have something targeted.  The second one will always fire off ( [] is true), and I think it will target yourself if you don't have anything targeted.  The second one might as well be /cast Penance, btw.

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