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Inomi's Monk UI (Weak Auras 2) updated

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While few, there are certainly some changes to the monk class, and the addons I'm using since Warlords hit. I think it might be nice if I share these with whoever else might make use of them. To that end, here are the Weak Auras that I use in my UI (and as close as I can get to an instruction book on them):

Head's Up Display

Meant to be a key indicator of very important things to execute on, this group consist of several elements:

  • Red/Green "leaves" that indicate Energizing Brew is off CD.
  • Yellor or Purple "Fireball" which indicates that Chi Wave / Chi Burst is off CD
  • Blue TIger that indicates Xuen is off CD
  • Gold Stagger CD tracking lines
  • Cyan Tiger Palm CD tracking lines

Storm, Earth, Fire Indicators

The orange nad green icons pop up when you have 1 or two of your clones out. The swords, along with a sound effect, show up when you have targeted the same target as one of your clones so you know to move to another.

Rising Sun Kick Tracker & Execute Timers

These two groups track a few timers related to executes, as well as all your Rising Sun Kick debuffs on the mobs it's spread to. (The more yellow bars, the more mobs taking increased damage!)

Soup's Ready!

A collection of icons that (for me) show up just above my Nameplate so I know they're available. Stacks of Tigereye/Elusive brew show up on the bottom row, right-hand side; and will be there when you're in the appropriate spec. Same as with Serenity, which will only show up if it's off CD, when you have that selected as a talent.

Currently Tracked (left to right, top to bottom):

  • Power Strikes
  • Expel Harm
  • Fists of Fury
  • Rising Sun Kick
  • Fortifying Brew
  • Serenity
  • Spear Hand Strike
  • Elusive Brew / Tigereye Brew

The Whole Enchilada

And, just to show off how the whole thing looks in test-mode (no raid frames of course, raid.) :)


If you'd like to import any / all of these, here are the Weak Auras 2 strings you'll need. Just copy and paste them into the addon in-game.

Head's Up:

Rising Sun Kick Tracker

Soup's Ready

Execute Timers

Storm, Earth, Fire Icons

Storm Earth Fire - Target Watch (Swords)

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