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I installed it because IcyVeins said to.  There are a lot of nice things about it, but one thing that is annoying is I cannot figure out how to make critical debuffs show up well.  It seems to be largely arbitrary which debuffs get highlighted by default.  On Opulence, I could not see who had Hex of Lethargy, and on Conclave I could not tell that some people had huge DoT stacks, or who had Crawling Hex (I could see that in the world by the big circle around them, but not on the raid frames).


Does anybody else use it or have a better suggestion for showing up debuffs?  

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I use VuhDo for my raid frames which lets me control buffs and debuff display differently for each of my characters.  The default for it is to only display debuffs I can remove, but some encounters I show them on Honesty.

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I'm a fan of elvui, actually; but not for my raid frames. :) For that I used Shadowed UnitFrames, which gives me better control over that kind of thing. So, kind of along the liens of what H said...pick and choose and mix and match things...I gues...sorry. :)

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