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In Memoriam - Azoline

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It is with a heavy heart that I bring the news, our dear friend and guildmate Azoline has departed our midst due to a series of simultaneous leukemia diagnoses.

Ady and I have followed her journey through the treatment with Firemane by her side for some time over Facebook and other means. While I'm not privy to the details I can tell you from our own experience that losing a loved one in this way is very difficult and often unexpected. I reached out to Firemane for permission to let you all know what happened and share with you his message below:

Heaven has a new angel today. For those of you who haven’t heard, Chelsea’s battle with leukemia ended last night. She was the strongest person I’ve ever known and even though she is gone, the cancer never defeated her. She was full of love and life until the end. I am lucky and happy to have found her, and will be eternally grateful for all the joy she brought me and everyone who knew her. 

We thank everyone for the love and support. Arrangements are still being made but in the meantime, in lieu of flowers and gifts please make a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at

Because many of us have known and loved playing with Azoline and Firemane over the years, I think it is appropriate for us to mourn and remember her life here. None of us would presume to miss her so much as her family does now, but it is healthy for us to remember her life for our own sake and that of Firemane and his family should they read these memoirs. Please share!

I remember getting to know Azoline during the latter days of Mists of Pandaria when myself and a few others in the guild started to express real interest in PvP. She was always up for the challenge and relished having fun stomping those Hordies into the ground (even if we got pummeled into the ground much harder wink). I remember her spec of choice being restoration and her telling me repeatedly, "Go get your face smashed in, i like mine" and "I'm sorry, I swear like a sailor in vent." Those times when we grouped as 3 for arenas or 5 for bgs or tried to put two 5s together (unsuccessfully) into the random queue because we always got creamed in rated are some of the fondest Trivial memories I have ouside of raid instances (Ady and Inomi can attest).

I confess that I will find it hard to get back into any PvP. While I enjoyed the gameplay somewhat and like the new systems, it just wasn't the same without a group of friends by my side. I will miss nights up too late (out of frustration with kids not going to bed on time) spent trying to cap a flag while Azoline simultaneously healed me and a sailor cussed in vent when she got sapped by that @$#! %^& undead rogue!

Thank you all for making Trivial such a wonderful place, safe for family and friends to build relationships that mean more than text and pixels. Azoline was a part of that and her abscense has been and will be missed. Bye Azoline! For the Alliance!

Firmane, I dearly hope that you find this post and are comforted by the words, feelings and memories we all share.

Blessings in Love,

1 John 4:7-8

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Seems rather appropriate that I be one of the first to post here.

I actually knew both before they joined Trivial.  Heck, I'm the one who recruited Firemane in the first place.

The three of us have been in three different guilds together - Relevance, Undeterred, and now Trivial.  I knew her by her priestess character back in Relevance and Undeterred, back in early Wrath.

I remember she was one of our key healers.  She always had a LOT of energy and rarely seemed to tire.  Hearing her go more for PVP doesn't surprise me at all.

Fire, I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  I can tell you that Brae, Litman/Heyoka/Litson etc, and I are all deeply saddened for your loss.

Here's to good times and old friends, where ever they may be!


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I don't think I ever got Azoline into one of our raids (which didn't surprise me, my wife was a druid and didn't want to raid with me either).  I do recall a couple of groups, though they must have been without vent because I don't remember any sailor talk, just a nice person that healed rogues.  )  I've spent enough time with Firemane, though, to know what a decent and smart person he is, so I knew that Azoline had to be something special.

My condolences to you and your family, Fire. 

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My condolences out to Firemane and family, sadly I didn't know her well at all, but from the sounds of it she was a fun fireball that will be missed tremendously, and whatever comes after life had just gotten so much more lively and colorful.

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So sorry, Firemane. I do remember pvp’ing with Azoline. She was, as Turin and other have said, very fun to group up with. Those nights we all got our faces pummeled by the Horde were awesome. :) She will be missed greatly. 

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It's a common saying that it's "not the years in your life but the life in your years", and it sounds like Azo had a lot of life in her years...I never heard her cuss in vent (i handle my own cussing, thankyouverymuch), but she's been a wonderful friend, guildie, and partner to Fire...

i cannot express my sadness over your loss enough with mere words, Firemane, but you are in my heart

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