Sundered Flame...dissundered? Repaired?

Sarkereth Kill shot

The end of Aberrus.  Kind of feel sorry for Sarkereth.

Sarkareth (cut scene)

Sarkereth cut scene kill shot

The cut scene didn't show everyone, but was a nice shot.

Echo of Neltharion...echo...echo...

Echo of Neltharion kill shot

Gasp!  He was influenced by the Old Gods!  Oh, wait, spoiler tag needed...

Bad Doggie!

Magmorax kill shot

A fight where sometimes you have to stand in the fire...

We saved the door!

Assault of the Zaqali kill shot

We saved the door from the bad guys, which then opened to show us the bad guys already inside.

Forgotten Experiments Re-(dis)membered!

Forgotten Experiments Kill Shot

Nel, Thar, and Rion...Neltharion was never accused of originality.

Shadowflame Amalgamation Extinguished!

Amalgam kill shot