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Loot, DKP Awardance and Usage Procedures

Loot Policies

With the release of Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard has drastically changed the way loot is awarded in raid.  All loot is now “Personal Loot”—it just shows up in your bag, it isn’t on the boss.  Blizzard only allows you to trade it under these conditions:

  1. You already have a higher ilvl piece for that slot (not necessarily wearing it).
  2. The person you try to trade it to is eligible—they must have participated in that boss fight, and they haven’t already looted that boss previously that week.
  3. You didn’t win it on a bonus roll.

It is a core characteristic of Trivial that members help the other members of the guild.  If you get personal loot on a Trivial raid, and it’s not an upgrade for you, we encourage you to offer it up to other members of the raid.  (Please note: sometimes, a lower ilvl piece is better for you than a higher ilvl piece.  You do not have to offer it up if it is an upgrade for you, no matter what ilvl it has.)  The Raid Leader or designee will conduct a roll for any items to be traded, one at a time.  The item will be traded to the character that won the roll.

The rolls will be broken into two parts: First Line and Open.  “First Line” means that the item is an upgrade for your primary raid role.  You can only win one thing on “First Line” each raid night.  “Open” means that you want it for an offset, or for transmog, or already won something on “First Line” and want to give other raiders a chance.  The first call for rolls will be for First Line rolls, if there are no rolls, then it will go “Open.”

If the item isn’t rolled for on either First Line or Open, there will be a designated disenchanter to reduce the item to useful bits.  These “useful bits” are kept in the guild bank and distributed to help raid members get the more expensive enchants as available.  (Note:  at the time of this writing, it’s not clear if it will be better to disenchant or scavenge unwanted pieces, this will be determined at raid time.)

The right to win something on a First Line roll is restricted to members and officers.  Associates, initiates, and alts must wait for open rolls.

Bind on Equip (BoE) items will be handled as they were in Legion and previously.  If a BoE drops for you, you are expected to offer it up for rolling by the group.  You can, of course, roll for it as well.  BoE items that are won on a raid must be equipped immediately.  If no one rolls for the BoE item, it will go to the guild bank.  It will be available for sale to guild members at half the going AH rate, and if not sold in a couple of weeks will be put on the AH.

If you win an item in a Trivial raid, the guild will supply you with the gems for its sockets. Trivial will also supply epic enchanting mats for use on items won in Trivial raids, subject to availability of materials. The guild will not supply gems or enchanting materials for items obtained via Justice/Valor Points (or equivalent) or PVP.

The Raid Leader is the final word on each run and should not be subject to verbal abuse or disrespect. Be mindful of how you conduct yourself. We all play this game for enjoyment and it is not an easy task to raid lead, so take that into consideration when you address your issue with RL.

Concerns about loot priority, looting in general, or specific loot issues should be directed to Trivial's High Council.  Most loot issues are best addressed before or after a raid rather than during one.  The guild website has a Loot Prioritization forum for the discussion of loot issues. 

Trivial’s previous loot policy is archived here