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Trivial Bank - Trivbank

Trivial Guild Bank Guidelines

1. Items can be purchased from the guild bank at half the going rate in gold. DKP cannot be used on guild bank items.

2. Items that have been in the guild bank for a while and have not been purchased will be sold on the Auction House to help fund Trivial raiding.

3. Items must be USED, not resold. Reselling guild vault items is grounds for guild dismissal.

4. Rare/epic items, high-level crafted items, high-level regeants, and potions for endgame raiding will be accepted.

5. The guild bank will sometimes assist in paying some of the repair bills incurred during our endgame raids.

6. Gems will be provided for any items won during Trivial raids. Subject to availability.

7. Epic enchanting mats will be provided for weapons won during Trivial raids. Subject to availability.

8. Items in the Swap Meet tab are items that may be useful for someone else in the guild that aren't of huge value. Space is limited, so only put in what you think someone might want. If you see something you want for your own use, go ahead and take it. Take a penny, give a penny applies here.

9. The Glyph tab is available for anyone of any rank to withdraw or deposit glyphs that they need or think others might need.

10. Donate what you can to help further advance the guild.