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Trivial: Code of Conduct


  • Treat other players (includes both Trivial and non-Trival members) with respect. Members should not intentionally try to antagonize or otherwise hinder another player's playing experience (ie. 'griefing'). Obviously, interactions with the Horde could be exceptions to this rule.
  • Be generous with your time, money, materials, etc. if you can afford to. You don't have to give it away, but don't gouge your guildies. Remember, you might be on the receiving end of this as well. Helping a guildie increase his skills, abilities, and combat worthiness makes us all stronger.
  • Prioritize working with your guild. If you can spare the time to help, even if you've been to 'X' a bunch, lend a hand. You might have all your set pieces, but remember what that took you. Helping a guildie increase his skills, abilities, and combat worthiness makes us all stronger.
  • Follow Raid Rules when on a raid or in a group. This includes all raids, not just guild sponsored raids. Rules differ from raid to raid, usually set by the raid leader. These rules usually pertain to looting and jobs while on the raid. Ninjas will not be given any breaks.
  • Actions that hinder raid progression will not be tolerated. Such actions include (but not limited to): pulling if not the designated puller, 'Leeroy', and intentional wiping of the raid. Disciplinary action will be taken based upon the severity of the actions and their consequences.
  • Practice etiquette if you have to AFK or leave a group. Don't go AFK for extended periods of time without letting the rest of the party know. If you need to leave for whatever reason, give your party-mates advanced notice. Find a suitable replacement if possible.
  • Know and understand the difference between need and greed. Rolling 'need' because you need money is not truly need, it's greed. Even then, be mindful of items that might not be 'need' for another, but might be useful to them. During guild events, your first instinct should be to 'pass' on items to discuss need-greed distribution.
  • Honesty is expected in all game transactions and agreements. If you conduct a transaction with another player, you will uphold your part of it. If you make an agreement with someone, you must adhere to your side of the agreement.
  • Pre-arranged loot distribution among members of a class, or between classes, in order to continually bid the minimum DKP is not tolerated.
  • Appropriate Language should be used in public forums (includes guild chat and broadcast channels). Cursing, player bashing, and inappropriate content are not acceptable. There are many minors who play this game, some of who are part of Trivial.
  • Guild bank materials, even those contributed to the 'free' tab, should not be sold or auctioned for personal gain.  Designated officers have permission from leadership to sell off some items from the vault for the guild bank fund.
  • Do not contribute in a negative way to the morale of the guild. (Bad mouthing, use of negative/derogatory comments, bothering other guild members in private/public chat, and ill-intended actions will not be tolerated).
  • Do not use Trivial as a 'crutch' while you are applying for another guild. If you have applied to another guild, leave Trivial. It is understood that Trivial and it's special culture isn't for everyone, and we strive for lack of drama and no holding of grudges.
  • Do not attempt to 'recruit' members of Trivial to other guilds. Even if you are a member of multiple guilds, in-guild recruiting is considered an act of undermining guild cohesion.
  • Exploiters, hacks, and unfair mods/add-ons will not be tolerated.
  • Follow and understand the terms and conditions of use set forth by Blizzard's End User License Agreement.