Current Officers of Trivial

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Guild Rank: High Council
Race/Class Level Name Guild Rank
113 Sarran High Council
113 Aeth High Council
110 Inomi High Council
116 Honesty High Council
114 Icemann High Council
114 Heridfel High Council
Guild Rank: Officer
Race/Class Level Name Guild Rank
111 Lierra Officer
110 Roenn Officer
114 Turin Officer
114 Zoina Officer
116 Alyrra Officer
110 Nashal Officer
110 Codryys Officer
112 Orionii Officer
110 Sagoran Officer
110 Gillaguy Officer
110 Snowfrost Officer
100 Jonhemlock Officer
Guild Rank: Officer Alt
Race/Class Level Name Guild Rank
110 Yelizaveta Officer Alt

High Council members are selected by the High Council as seats become vacated.
Officers are nominated by the officer corps and selected by the High Council.