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To say that the amount of information related to World of Warcraft on the internet is vast, is kind of like saying that the ocean is only kind of wet. There are millions upon millions of bits of info out there for you to find. So where do you start? Well, if you're here, you've found a good place.

From our thread on the subject, we've collected a few different resources that Trivial's members have found useful over time, and made links readily accessible to you, so that you may easily benefit from these as well. We will continue to update them as time goes along and we find new resources that we like to refer to, or check out.

If you have any suggestions for resources that we might list here, please send an email to, or add it to the ongoing Resources & News thread.

The Basics

Tools & Reference for Raiders

Trivial Raid Guides

Trivial has a lot of strategies that we've used over the years for various boss fights. If you would like to help us document them, please let us know! It takes a lot of time and effort to put these together, so please extend a warm thank-you to those that put in the work to bring these guides your way!

Trivial Expansion Notes

For the last expansion or two, we've started up a page with reference links on it that pertain to things going on therein. Much of it may be beta-related; but there's often useful tidbits in there. Check them out.

Challenge Modes

We run Challenge Modes from time to time, and are slowly building up a few resources on them as well, from our own notes on how to complete the instances, to links to videos and other information that is of use.

News & More

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